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Today, were starting with some tasty morsels, courtesy of my colleague Tejal Rao, who is wrapping up her first year as an Angeleno and as The Timess California restaurant critic:

Narrowing my favorite dishes of the year to just 10 was an excruciating exercise.

Yes, it was a chance to shout out the things I loved most, from drippy birria tacos to coconut-braised jackfruit, to a perfect bowl of rice porridge with pickles and jam. But there was just so much deliciousness in Los Angeles in 2019 that it couldnt possibly fit into just one story.

This means its time for some bonus content. Here are a few more tastes that still haunt me:

  • The extraordinary lamb barbacoa under banana leaves, which Ponchos Tlayudas served to celebrate its one-year anniversary at Smorgasburg.
  • Chengdu Tastes boiled fish in a luminous, peppery, drinkable broth.
  • The bare-bones, but perfectly composed omelet sandwich at Konbi. Yes, I know I wrote about the egg salad, but the plainer omelet sandwich has my heart.

Since writing my roundup, of course, theres already new stuff to try.

Zhengyalov Hatz, which opened in Glendale just last month, makes huge, juicy breads filled with chopped herbs and greens, cooking them to order all day so theyre hot.

Theres nothing else on the menu, but the bread is so good that Ive already gone twice and Im sure I can fit in one more visit before the end of the year. I hope you do too.