Baby Yoda toys are here to fill your days with heart-breaking adorableness. Look deep into those big eyes and fill your soul with warmth this holiday season, as Baby Yoda is now available in a range of action figures and plush toys. While they’re not immediately available, you can now pre-order Baby Yoda toys direct from Walmart, with shipping due in May. 

It’s a while to wait, but you can sleep safe in the knowledge that with each passing day you’re growing closer to having your very own Baby Yoda at home. Plus, you’ll want to get your pre-order in soon – we’ve already seen the smaller $8 Baby Yoda Funko Pop run out of stock so make sure you secure yours soon if you’re a true fan of The Mandalorian. 

Though it’s not actually baby Yoda, the internet has imploded after this tiny little alien started gazing into our souls with those big black eyes on The Mandalorian. The Disney Plus show has stormed its way into meme culture and back again, and the baby Yoda Funko Pop was an inevitable contribution to our lives. 

Still not seen The Mandalorian? Where have you been? You’ll have to catch up quick but thankfully we’ve got all the latest Disney Plus news and prices you could ever need. You can even get started right now with a free trial. 

Star Wars The Black Series The Child toy action figure | $9.99 at WalmartThis 1.2-inch Baby Yoda action figure may be tiny, but we wouldn’t have a fully articulated toy of this level of cuteness any other way. You can pre-order this Baby Yoda toy at Walmart for shipping in May. View Deal

Star Wars The Bounty Collection: Baby Yoda sipping soup + blanket wrapped | $15.99 at WalmartThe only thing cuter than Baby Yoda by itself is Baby Yoda with a tiny bowl of soup. The only thing cuter than that? Baby Yoda wrapped up in a blanket. It’s a good thing you can pick up two of the cutest figures going right now in one fell swoop. There are plenty more disgustingly adorable 2-pack figures to choose from, including the hilarious Froggy Snack figure and, if you really want your heart to shatter, the ‘Baby Yoda Don’t Leave’ collectible. View Deal

Star Wars The Child 6.5-inch figure | $19.99 at WalmartFor something with a little more realism, this 6.5-inch figure will do nicely. The Baby Yoda toy features articulated arms and head, meaning the Force pose is entirely within its remit. View Deal

Star Wars The Child Talking plush toy | $24.99 at WalmartIf you’re looking for a Baby Yoda toy you can snuggle lovingly, this talking plush toy may be the perfect piece of merch. With every squish, this Baby Yoda will play adorable soundbites from the show and even comes with extra accessories from the show. View Deal

Star Wars The Child 11 plush | $24.99 at WalmartIf you’re looking for a Baby Yoda plush that won’t slowly drain its battery and begin a demonic monologue after a few months of use, this standard $24.99 version will serve you well. View Deal

Funko POP! Star Wars: The Mandalorian – 10″ The Child | $29.96 at WalmartThis ‘Super Sized Pop’ can fill your desk with Mandalorian adorableness. You’re getting the larger version of the figure here, but spending considerably more to get it. That said, you can never have too much baby Yoda in your life. These preorders will start to fill up quickly, so make sure you get yours in soon.View Deal

Still need to start The Mandalorian? Get involved with all the Disney Plus subscription information you need to jump straight into the action. Or, simply go back to the roots and watch all the Star Wars movies in order to prepare for the big day you unwrap your very own baby Yoda.