Organizers of a music festival in Mexico decided to go ahead with the event over the weekend, despite the growing global coronavirus pandemic and warnings against large crowds. 

The two-day Vive Latino festival was held on Saturday and Sunday in Mexico City. 

Llegó la noche a #VL20.

Vive Latino (@vivelatino) March 16, 2020

¡Una tarde llena de música y sentimientos en #VL20!

Vive Latino (@vivelatino) March 16, 2020

Organizers of the event, which featured Guns N Roses, Carlos Vives and Zoe, said more than 70,000 tickets were sold for each of the festivals two days, according to The Associated Press. Some other acts reportedly backed out of performing. 

Some changes were made to the typical music festival check-in procedure, with attendees checked for a fever at the entrance, the AP notes. 

A temperature check, however, may fall short of limiting the spread of the virus as health experts have warned that even asymptomatic people can be carriers for the virus and cause it to spread further. 

Once attendees were checked in, they reportedly crowded near the stage, as is typical at a music festival.  

Mexico is in a so-called phase one of a pandemic, one health official told the AP on Friday. Isolated cases of the infection were confirmed in people who had traveled abroad or in a few cases infected others, with 41 cases across the country, according to the news service. 

Some attendees dismissed concerns of the virus, telling the AP they trusted officials who let the festival proceed and others suggesting they could catch the virus anywhere. Others, however, told the news service they came because they couldn’t get refund on the tickets that cost them 5,000 pesos, or $228.  

Large events across the world have been cancelled in the wake of the growing pandemic.

Austin, Texas cancelled the annual South By Southwest (SXSW) conference that organizers said brought in more than 73,000 attendees last year.