Get your mouse at the ready because the clock is ticking on TalkTalk’s latest broadband deal. Get in there before 11.59pm tomorrow and you could secure yourself both cheap bills and a tasty freebie.

To be slightly more exact, with TalkTalk’s Faster Fibre plan, you’re not only getting speeds averaging 38Mb at a price of £23.50 a month, but TalkTalk is also throwing in a free £40 voucher.

This voucher can be for, M&S, Tesco or just given as a Mastercard. Whichever option you choose, this is a nice bonus on what is already one of the best value fibre plans out there.

It is well worth mentioning though that getting broadband deals installed right now is somewhat of a challenge due to the country-wide lockdown. If you do not already have a phone line installed, TalkTalk won’t be able to get it installed for quite a while.

For those without a phone line set-up who need an internet connection now, 4G home broadband could be a quick and helpful solution.

TalkTalk’s great value cheap broadband deal:

TalkTalk Faster Fibre Broadband | 18 months | Avg speeds 38Mb | Line rental incl. | FREE activation | £23.50pm | £40 gift cardThere’s a lot to like about this TalkTalk offer. Absolutely nothing to pay upfront, the monthly bills come in at just £23.50 and at that price, you’re getting strong speeds averaging 38Mb. On top of that, for a short time you’ll get a £40 gift card, M&S or Tesco Voucher or a pre-paid credit card.

Deal ends Wednesday, April 8 at 11.59pmView Deal

What other broadband deals are there?

There are loads of fibre broadband deals out there, but  TalkTalk’s closest competitor is Vodafone. Currently offering speeds averaging 63Mb for a price of £22.95, Vodafone beats TalkTalk out for price.

However, you won’t be getting the voucher mentioned above and Vodafone has recently started offering 24 month contracts, making it a longer investment.

Or if you don’t mind relying slightly on cashback, Plusnet has an excellent fibre offer. Costing £22.99 a month for speeds averaging 36Mb and currently, coming with a £70 Mastercard.

Like TalkTalk above, you will need to have a phone line already installed to make use of these offers.