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Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce praised visionary billionaire and serial entrepreneur Elon Musk, as he appears to have won in a dispute with Alameda County, Calif., officials to reopen his electric car factory.

“Today’s show is going to look at the continuing drama of America trying to reopen despite the best efforts of some politicians,” said Bruce on her Fox Nation show “Get Tammy Bruce” on Thursday.

Under California law, Musk’s Telsa manufacturing plant was free to reopen after Gov. Gavin Newsom took steps to lift his state’s lockdown order.

But Newsom also allowed local authorities to supersede the state with their own rules. Alameda County, where Musk’s factory is located, opted to keep a shelter-in-place order in effect.

Musk tweeted on Monday that he was prepared to risk arrest as he opened his plant in defiance of the county’s order. But by Tuesday evening county officials appeared to have relaxed the restrictions and backed down.

“Well, lo and behold, Alameda County has given in in a certain way,” argued Bruce. “Alameda County says they will be allowing Tesla to restart the California factory, but with conditions.”

The country will reportedly require the Telsa plant to abide by certain public health restrictions to include social distancing measures.

“We reviewed the plan and held productive discussions with Tesla’s representatives about their safety and prevention plans, including some additional safety recommendations,” Alameda County Health Department wrote in a statement.

“If Tesla’s Prevention and Control Plan includes these updates,” the statement continued, “and the public health indicators remain stable or improve, we have agreed that Tesla can begin to augment their Minimum Basic Operations in preparation for possible reopening as soon as next week.”

Bruce observed the irony of the county’s statement, pointing out that most business owners don’t need to be ordered to provide for the safety of their employees.

“If you’re a factory and all your employees are getting sick, not only will you not have anybody there to do the work, but no one’s going to want to work for you. So it is in your interest,” she said.


But above all else, Bruce said that Musk’s willingness to stand up to the blanket ban on manufacturing in Alameda County serves as an “inspiration” to other Americans questioning the reach of lockdown measures.

“Politicians sometimes try to tell us that there is a new normal and that somehow we’re supposed to not question the orders were given to us, even though, in fact, they could be wrong,” Bruce said.

“It does at least inspire Americans in recognizing that we have a voice in this regard and that we should be able to speak up,” she continued. “Elon Musk, I think, is a very good example of that while also being responsible in the process of what he’s doing, which is what all of us as Americans have an interest in doing.”

“Clearly the nation is beginning to reopen and we’re going to be having these debates and discussions and sometimes fights, I think for some time to come,” she concluded, “But as you know, we can do it. We’re Americans and we know we’re doing. And of course, the future belongs to us.”

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Fox News’ Gary Gastelu contributed to this report.