A family in New Hampshire shared a photo on Facebook of the unique way a nursing team offered condolences to them after they were notified about their father’s death from coronavirus.

Angela Daneault, whose father died of COVID-19 on Sunday, posted a photo on Facebook of two nurses holding up signs reading “he is at peace” and “we are so sorry” after her father died following days of vigils held in his honor outside the window.

In a post Tuesday, Daneault clarified that her family had been notified before the nurses put up the signs.

Found it shared on YouTube Let me clarify the photo was posted after we found out

Posted by Angela Daneault on Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Her sibling, Kevin Johnson, told an ABC affiliate that he wanted recognition for the hard work his father’s nurses performed over the past several days.

“I just really want this to be about the nurses,” Johnson said. “They just went beyond.”