A White House spokesperson did not immediately return a request for comment on Kim’s criticism.

Since the early weeks of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, President Donald Trump has argued aggressively for reopening wide swaths of the country, warning repeatedly that the cure of lockdown orders cant be worse than the problem itself.

Following the expiration of federal social distancing guidelines at the end of April, the vast majority of states have begun this month to gradually wind down mitigation measures meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus hoping the easing of restrictions will not yield new surges in Covid-19 cases.

The administration, too, has reoriented its efforts from fighting the outbreak to jump-starting the economy. Trump announced earlier this month that the focus of the White House coronavirus task force would shift to SAFETY & OPENING UP OUR COUNTRY AGAIN, and he reportedly told governors Monday the federal government will step in if needed to assist a state in its bid to reopen.

But Kim, one of the members of a House investigative committee established last month to monitor the administrations implementation of nearly $3 trillion in coronavirus relief measures, said Tuesday he would be much more comfortable with these discussions about how to safely reopen if we had transparency in data.

So I share that same goal, he added, but I differ in terms of the prioritization on public health that I think needs to play a bigger role than where the administration believes.