Call of Duty: Warzone update 1.21 brought Access Cards back to the map, which allowed players to open select Bunkers across the map. The case of Bunker 11 is far more mysterious, though, as it seems to lead to a larger Easter egg based on a nuclear bomb. Here’s how you can open Bunker 11 using secret Phones scattered across the map:

The first step is locating Bunker 11, which is northwest of the Military Base, marked on the map below. Now that you know where Bunker 11 is, let’s get to the first leg of the quest.

While other Bunkers around the map can be opened with colored Access Cards gathered from Chests, Bunker 11 is different. It focuses on Phones scattered across Verdansk that play both hidden messages and Morse Code segments. You’ll need both of these Phone types to get inside Bunker 11.

Hidden Message Phones

The first type of Phone you need to find is a Phone that plays a message in Russian followed by a unique chime and a list of three Russian numbers. The Phone that plays this unique message changes every match, and the numbers in the code do as well. That being said, you’ll know this special message when you hear it. If you hear a dial tone, move on to the next location.

Here are the Phones that we’ve found are most likely to play the hidden code.

Message Phone 1: North of Lumber, in this building on a desk.

Message Phone 2: Here, in the Lozoff area on a desk.

Message Phone 3: In a fire station northwest of Military Base.

Message Phone 4: In this building in the southern section of Boneyard.

Message Phone 5: In this oddly shaped building in Downtown. Go down a few floors and you’ll see the Phone on a desk.

Message Phone 6: In this section of Gora Dam.

Message Phone 7: In the Lozoff Pass area, south of Military Base.

At least one of these Phones will likely play the secret message. If not, load into another match and try again. If you hear the chime followed by three numbers, pay close attention to those numbers. Here they are, written down alongside their English phonetic equivalents:

  • 0: nol’
  • 1: A-deen
  • 2: Dva
  • 3: Tree
  • 4: Chye-tir-ye
  • 5: Pyat
  • 6: Shest
  • 7: Syem
  • 8: Vo-syem
  • 9: dyev-yat.

Once you have the three numbers in the message, you now need to go to Phones that correspond to those numbers.

Morse Code Phone Locations

Here are the Phones that correspond to each number.

Phone 0: On the second floor of this building in Military Base.

Phone 1: On the first floor of the Downtown bank.

Phone 2: In the Lozoff Pass area, north of TV Station.

Phone 3: In the Quarry area.

Phone 4: In a police station north of Lumber on the second floor.

Phone 5: At TV Station in a room off to the side.

Phone 6: At the airport, in the tower off to the left.

Phone 7: In the basement of the airport in the luggage area.

Phone 8: In Verdansk Hospital reception.

Phone 9: In the upper area of the dam.

Access the Morse Phones in the correct order, and you’ll be able to interact with the Bunker 11 Keypad to open it with your Number Station Code. Inside you’ll find a special MP5 Blueprint, screens that may lead to additional Easter egg steps and a crawlspace with a red button that, when pushed, reveals a nuke in a nearby window. There’s a lot we still need to figure out to finish this Warzone Easter egg, but this is the latest step we know so far.

Call Of Duty: Warzone is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What do you think of the Warzone Easter egg so far? What’s the next step in the Bunker 11 mystery? Tell us in the comments section!