Samsung 4K TV deals are looking particularly cheap this week, thanks to price cuts from Best Buy in the US and Very in the UK. That all means you can pick up a 43-inch 4K TV for as little as $269.99 or £299 right now – with even more savings as you move up the price scale. 

If you’re shopping in the US, that $269 model looks particularly enticing as a bargain buy, but this is the price of the 6-Series entry-level model. If you can spring the extra $30 for the 7-Series, you’ll find improved processing and richer color contrast available for just $299 at Best Buy this week. Over in the UK you can upgrade to a 50-inch display for £349, or get your hands on a rare early discount on the 2020 model up for £30 off at £399. 

Those are some particularly cheap 4K TV deals, and if you’re after even more power Samsung’s QLED TVs are also reduced further down the page. However, if you’re chasing more savings you can find plenty of discounts in the latest Memorial Day sales in the US, or the upcoming bank holiday sales in the UK. You’ll also find plenty more of the best cheap TV sales and deals right here on TechRadar. 

The cheapest Samsung 4K TV deals

Samsung 6 Series 43-inch UHD HDR 4K TV | $269.99 at Best BuyThis entry level Samsung 4K TV is available for just $270 at Best Buy right now. You’re getting roughly the same experience as one of the more pricey models available, albeit with a little drop in processing. If you’re looking for a step up, though, it’s only $30 more for the 7-Series this week.View Deal

Samsung 7 Series 43-inch UHD HDR 4K TV | £379

£299 at VeryIf you’re in the UK, you can pick up the 7-Series 43-inch Samsung 4K TV for just £299 at Very. These are popular TVs and this price point on the later model is working particularly well this week. You’ll have to hurry to grab yours, as this model is leaving shelves fast. View Deal

4K TV deals: US

More Samsung 4K TV deals in the US

Samsung 7 Series 43-inch UHD HDR 4K TV | $299.99 at Best BuyIf you want to push that $300 budget a little further than the 6-Series listed above, you can pick up the improved 7-Series model for just $30 more. It’s well worth it for the boost in processing and richness of color on this version.View Deal

Samsung 8-Series 50-inch UHD HDR 4K TV | $429.99

$399.99 at Best BuyThe 8-Series takes things even further, and you can save $20 at Best Buy right now. You’re taking a bigger leap in picture quality and pushing that refresh rate up as well. If you’re after something a little larger, this is the perfect candidate. View Deal

Samsung Q60-Series 50-inch QLED UHD HDR 4K TV | $649.99

$599.99 at Best BuyIf you really want to push your budget, this QLED display is now available for $50 off at Best Buy as well. That means rich, deep color and powerful image processing that gives you a boost above 4K overall quality but doesn’t quite reach the lofty price tag of an OLED.View Deal

4K TV deals: UK

More Samsung 4K TV deals in the UK

Samsung 2020 7-Series 50-inch UHD HDR 4K TV | £429

£399 at VeryThe 2020 7-Series Samsung 4K TV is already seeing discounts as well. Granted, you’re only saving £30 here, but picking up one of the latest mid-range sets on the market right now for under £400 is an excellent way to upgrade.View Deal

Samsung Q60-Series 49-inch QLED UHD HDR 4K TV | £1,099

£549 at VeryThe QLED deals are also taking off in the UK, with this offer from Very bringing a £549 price tag to the 49-inch Q60 model. Granted, this display hasn’t actually sat at £1,099 for a while, but you’re picking up a premium 4K TV here, with plenty of extra tech under the hood.View Deal

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