Chrome browsers newer version could lay to rest users concerns regarding safety and privacy along with a few cosmetic enhancements for its user interface.

Chrome has been able to maintain its number one browser status by constantly updating and adding features, keeping it current. A slew of features that are expected in the next version includes a major emphasis on security, safety, and privacy.

The company wants to prevent users from unwittingly visiting malicious websites by adding more checks and a  proactive option that may share additional data with Google. 

Were rolling out new tools + redesigned privacy & security settings in @googlechrome on desktop to help you better control your safety on the web: a safety check tool, 3rd party cookie controls in Incognito mode, Enhanced Safe Browsing, Secure DNS & more 19, 2020

It will have an enhanced DNS security and enforce third-party cookie blocking in Incognito mode. 

As for the UI, there will be a shuffling of a few of the buttons and settings making it more intuitive for users. 

The refreshed browser will prominently display all the frequently used browser settings meant for tweaking cookies, privacy, extensions, and Google sync settings. A cleaner look and description will be a welcome change, especially for new users to the browser.

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Prominent and realtime alerts (Image credit: Google)

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Secure DNS option (Image credit: google)

What are the visible changes to the browser?

Firstly, the extensions menu will be placed within a small puzzle-shaped icon and will remain on the main toolbar by default. Apart from ease of access, users can restrict permissions to the extensions quite effortlessly. Thankfully, pinning extensions to the toolbar will be possible as before. 

The new menu will make every extensions current state and permissions visible so that users can enable or restrict them as per requirement. Google will also focus on preventing malware from creeping in via its extensions, as experts themselves attest to the vulnerability they pose.

Cookies will be unmissable, propped on the top of the settings menu so that more number of less tech-savvy users pay attention to the importance of cookies and adjust them accordingly.

Enhanced safety in real-time

Safe Browsing, Chromes tool for detecting known phishing sites, maintains a database of such sites and sends them out to browsers as often as every half-hour. In case a user happens to visit such a malicious site, the browser will display a scary warning to stay clear and exit.

The newer version will feature an Enhanced Safe Browsing option, which, when enabled will share users  URL of ‘uncommon websites visited, with Google in real-time to prevent phishing tactics. 

The company feels that the phishing database cant be refreshed fast enough even if it’s done every 30 minutes, as scammers are registering and deploying new phishing websites at a much faster rate.

Via The Verge