Theres not much I can say on the weather today; it was about as perfect as it gets around these parts. Warm temperatures, low humidity and plenty of sunshine. Sunday will feature some cooler temperatures and a bit more wind, but itll still a lovely day overall.

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Through tonight: Temperatures will slowly fall through the 70s after sunset with just a few clouds dotting the sky, which will clear out ahead of a comfortable overnight period. Lows will settle in the mid to upper 50s, with a northwest wind at about 10 mph.

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Tomorrow (Sunday): Another clear and sunny day will be on tap. Persistent northwest winds (10-to-15-plus mph) will keep high temperatures in the low 70s, a good 10 degrees cooler than today. Still, it will be a really nice day though, as there should be more sunshine and even lower dew points than Saturday. It will be clear and almost a bit chilly Sunday night with low temperatures in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees.

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Eternal sunshine in the U.K.: The United Kingdom has recorded the sunniest spring since records began in 1929, with more than 573 hours of sunshine recorded through May 27. That blows away the previous record of 555.3 hours of sunshine in the spring of 1948. Of course, with all of that sunshine comes at the expense of rain. It has been an exceptionally dry spring period for Britain, especially in England where it has been the driest May on record since 1896.

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