President TrumpDonald John TrumpLincoln Project launches new ad hitting Trump over China policiesTrump criticizes Bolton as memoir excerpts offer scathing account of White HouseBolton book portrays ‘stunningly uninformed’ TrumpMORE said he struggled to watch the entire video of George Floyds arrest and death at the hands of police, which sparked nationwide protests against policy brutality and systemic racism.

The George Floyd case, nothing has to be said. I watched that, Trump said on Fox News Wednesday night. I couldnt really watch it for that long a period of time, it was over eight minutes. Who could watch that?

But it doesnt get any more obvious or it doesnt get any worse than that.

The video Trump was referencing is a nearly nine-minute clip showing Floyd, an unarmed black man, being pinned down by his neck by a white officer while three other officers look on. Floyd is heard pleading for his life and saying he couldnt breathe before becoming unresponsive.

Derek Chauvin, the officer who knelt on Floyds neck, has been charged with murder, while the three other officers face charges of aiding and abetting second-degree murder. All were fired after the incident.

The video of Floyds arrest and death in police custody quickly went viral, leading to protests across Minneapolis and the country, sparking a conversation over systemic racism and funding to the police.

Trump has panned the police officers involved in Floyds death, saying Chauvin has some big problems.

I just left a big group of the top sheriffs and law enforcement people in the country, and nobody was sticking up for what he did, Trump said on Fox News.

The interview on Fox News came a day after Trump signed an executive order instituting incentives for local police to improve their training and creating a database to track police misconduct. 

Trump on Fox News also discussed the shooting of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta. Brooks was killed outside of a Wendys after a confrontation with police officers. The man was sleeping in his car when he was approached by the officers. He later failed a sobriety test before a scuffle ensued and he was shot.

I thought it was a terrible situation, but you cant resist a police officer, Trump said, saying the interaction was out of control. If you have a disagreement, you have to take it up after the fact.