A New York City judge has dismissed a claim by Donald Trumps brother that sought to halt the publication of a tell-all book by the presidents niece.

In a ruling handed down on Thursday, Judge Peter Kelly said the Surrogates Court lacked jurisdiction in the case.

Mary Trump is the daughter of Fred Trump Jr., the presidents elder brother, who died in 1981. An online description of her book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the Worlds Most Dangerous Man,” says it reveals a nightmare of traumas, destructive relationships, and a tragic combination of neglect and abuse.

The motion seeks an injunction to prevent Mary Trump and the books publisher, Simon & Schuster, from releasing it, as scheduled, in July.

Robert Trumps lawyers filed court papers earlier this week arguing that Mary Trump and others had signed a settlement agreement that would prohibit her from writing the book. The settlement decades ago included a confidentially clause explicitly saying they would not publish any account concerning the litigation or their relationship, unless they all agreed.

The agreement related to the will of Donald Trumps father, New York real estate developer Fred Trump.