Kimberly GuilfoyleKimberly Ann GuilfoyleSouth Dakota governor flew with Trump on Air Force One after being exposed to coronavirus: reportTrump to hold outdoor rally in New Hampshire on SaturdayGianforte halts in-person campaigning after wife, running mate attend event with GuilfoyleMORE, a top fundraiser for President TrumpDonald John TrumpNew Jersey incumbents steamroll progressive challengers in primariesTucker Carlson ratchets up criticism of Duckworth, calls her a ‘coward’Trump on Confederate flag: ‘It’s freedom of speech’MOREs reelection campaign and the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr., revealed Wednesday evening that she is feeling really pretty good after she tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this month.

Guilfoyle told the Trump campaigns online show The Right View” that I’m doing my best and following my doctor’s orders. 

“So far I am asymptomatic and have been feeling really pretty good, she added. Im hoping for any praying for a speedy recovery. Im really grateful to all of you who have been incredibly loving and kind with all your prayers and thoughts for me, for my son, for Ronan and Don and reached out to us in one way or the other with your concerns and your heartfelt prayers. 

[email protected]: “I’m doing my best and following my doctor’s orders — so far I’m asymptomatic and have been feeling, really, pretty good.”

The Hill (@thehill) July 9, 2020

Guilfoyle, who is the national chairwoman of the Trump Victory Finance Committee and a campaign adviser, added that the president reached out to her after she tested positive for coronavirus last week. 

I believe in President Donald Trump. He was incredibly loving to me, very nice. He called right away to check in on me, and to make sure that I was doing okay and had everything that I needed, and I know personally that the president is doing everything he possibly can for all American families and to usher along a vaccine while balancing the safe reopening of America,” Guilfoyle said Wednesday. 

Guilfoyle tested positive in South Dakota last week before she was set to attend the presidents Independence Day event at Mount Rushmore.

Guilfoyle said Wednesday she accepts her diagnosis as a blessing from God so that I can understand what other people are going through and those who have lost loved ones.

Trump Jr. tested negative for the virus following Guilfoyles diagnosis, a person familiar with the matter confirmed to The Hill last week.

The two did not come into contact with Trump, though Guilfoyle is not the first in proximity to the president to test positive for COVID-19. In March, one of the presidents military valets tested positive, as did the vice presidents press secretary.